Mike Choi, I hail from Queens NY. Education is king and for the most part I've been buried in it for as long as my tenure has endured. I love learning as much as I do creating; thus, I graduated from Art Center College of Design, Pasadena CA, with a BS in Industrial Design in '03.

My next five years was spent designing toys culminating my Design | Illustration background. With a strong desire to visualize for video games and film, I left my job to continue studies in Motion Design at Cornish College of the Arts, Seattle WA. I received my BFA with distinction in May of '10.

I am currently seeking to continue my passion for visual development with a game development studio in the pacific northwest. Building on my freelance experience with games I'd like to glean a full time position producing concept art with progressive like minded creatives.

The fond memories of my childhood and the solace of the fantastic motivates me with all my being. The granduer of nature and the wonder of human creation feeds my hunger for innovation and collaborative imagination. I spend my days absorbing, conceiving and having fun with all that I love.